PLC Consulting Group

Sustainability & Energy Consulting 

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Entrenched in the building industry for 30+ years, Peter Coates has a great deal of  
experience in sustainable construction technology. As a LEED AP+Homes + BD&C, he has constructed and/or certified many LEED buildings including single family, multi-family and mixed use projects, ranging in levels Certified through Platinum.

As a  LEED for Homes Green Rater  and Build It Green EHMF Green Point Rater, Peter has verified numerous sutainable projects following the appropriate program requirements.

In addition he is actively engaged with TCAC, CDLAC and CUAC project managememt from Assessment through Placed In Service, involving scopes of work including managing the associated workbook, energy modeling, testing, and verifications to meet these programs' requirements.

As an energy consultant,  using software other than code compliant, Peter assists with the most feasible, practical approach to help meet his client's project energy goals including Zero Net Energy.

All of these experiences have given Peter a perspective that lends itself well to the clients he works with.  He understands what works in the field, and the building science that produces achievable, dependable results for meeting code or above code programs. He provides a realistic approach to consulting and energy efficiency.  

​​PLC Consulting is currently working on multiple projects throughout Northern and Southern California. Our responsibilties include Project Management,  Consulting and Verification services.  On a personal note, Peter enjoys the outdoors, engaging in River Rafting, Mountain Climbing, Snow Skiing and Scuba.

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